Support Groups on the West Bank

We can draw strength from each other

When you or a loved one is in need of serious medical care, it can be hard to discuss it with well-meaning friends and family who have not had to deal with a situation like yours. You may feel like you are alone, but you aren’t. Others have faced similar challenges and found a way to move forward. West Jefferson Medical Center hosts support groups where you can discuss what’s happening with others who understand what you are going through. couple on beach at sunset

  • Bariatric Support Group
    • Group hosted by the Center for Surgical Weight Loss at West Jefferson Medical Center open to all people who have had weight loss surgery as well as for those contemplating weight loss surgery. Click for 2019 Schedule
  • Cancer Connection
    • The Cancer Connection is hosted by the Cancer Center at WJMC and is open to people who have been affected by cancer, including survivors, caregivers, family members and providers. The Cancer Connection support group will be hosted on a quarterly basis addressing topics such as educational resources, nutrition, genetics, caregiver assistance, and more. Click for 2019 Schedule

  • Cooking for a Cure Program
    • Cooking class hosted by the Cancer Center at WJMC that focuses on quick, easy and healthy recipes to help a body fight cancer and give more energy. Cancer patients, survivors, friends and family are all welcome. No cooking experience required. Click here for 2019 Schedule
  • Courage Caps Program
    • Group hosted by the Cancer Center at WJMC. Knit or crochet caps for cancer patients. Make a difference and create lasting memories. No experience necessary. Click for 2018 Schedule
  • Grief Support Group
    • Group presented by the Grief Resource Center of the Akula Foundation that is facilitated by a licensed therapist for adults who have experienced the death of a loved one or other significant loss. Click for 2019 Schedule
  • Lymphedema Support Group
    • Group hosted by West Jefferson Rehab Connection for patients with Lymphedema and their friends and family. Click for 2019 Schedule
  • Stroke Support Group
    • Group hosted by West Jefferson Neurosciences for survivors of stroke and their friends and families. Gain support, education and encouragement. Click for 2019 Schedule
  • Weight Loss Surgery Seminar
    • Seminar hosted by the Surgical Weight Loss Center at West Jefferson. Gain information on weight loss surgery. Click for 2019 Schedule
  • Wig Clinic
    • Clinic hosted by the Cancer Center at WJMC. Cancer patients may bring their wigs to be styled by a professional stylist or they can get a wig from the supply. Click for 2019 Schedule