Being female is phenomenally complex and the gynecologists at West Jefferson Women’s Health understand the science and physiology of being a woman. They offer complete gynecological care from the diagnosis and treatment of common female medical problems to very complex female medical problems. From the adolescent with menstrual problems to a women going through menopause, every stage in a woman’s life presents unique situations and concerns. That is why it is so important that a woman partners with a knowledgeable and skilled gynecologist. The Gynecologists at West Jefferson Women’s Health have been entrusted with the care of over three generations of women, and have successfully forged lifetime partnerships with these patients.

West Jefferson Women’s Health believes that annual examinations are essential to maximizing their patients’ good health and maintaining their wellness. As a woman evolves, so too do her preventative care needs. It is not solely a pap test that is needed to determine a woman’s good health, but a multitude of screenings to assess her state of well being. The physicians at West Jefferson Women’s Health offer comprehensive annual visits that focus on prevention and the early detection of diseases.

When a patient is thinking about becoming pregnant, West Jefferson Women’s Health offers pre-conception counseling. While it is understandable that all pregnancies are not planned, it is optimal to plan when you are able. At this very important visit, we will take a thorough personal and family history. Additionally, we will evaluate your current immunization status, current medications, over the counter drugs, or herbal supplements, and assess your diet, lifestyle, and physical state. Once these things are determined, our physicians will offer suggestions prior to pregnancy that may need to be resolved in an effort to prepare the patient for the best possible pre-natal health.

A woman’s physical complexity subjects her to various health issues along the way in her life. When gynecological problems occur, West Jefferson Women’s Health providers and staff are there to discern the cause. Sometimes the problem cannot be resolved by conservative means of treatment, and the patient requires surgical intervention. Our surgeons at West Jefferson Women’s Health are exceptionally skilled, so much so that they teach future OBGYN surgeons. They offer the least invasive means possible, whenever possible. They are experts at laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, and robotic surgery, and have the means to provide some surgical procedures in the office, such as endometrial ablation. These in-office surgical strategies not only allow for shorter recovery periods, they also do not expose the patient to general anesthesia, and are typically less expensive than the hospital or surgical center.

West Jefferson Women’s Health offers treatment for patients who are suffering from vaginal prolapses, sexual dysfunction and/or urinary incontinence. Most women believe that it is normal to lose a few drops of urine, or think that with age comes the need for personal protective pads. That is not necessarily the case. Most of these ailments can be corrected or minimized allowing for a better quality of life. Depending on the patient’s situation, several different treatment options are available. These options may include traditional means to correct such as prescribed medications or behavioral modifications, but when more aggressive means are needed; our practice offers the latest treatment innovations. We offer in-office Neuromodulation that stimulate the nerves that control the bladder allowing for better bladder control. We have access to devices that can be used at home that utilize electrical muscle stimulation and biofeedback, which allows your physician to monitor your progress and make adjustments to increase the effectiveness of those treatments. Each woman’s situation is different and the professionals at West Jefferson Women’s Health are able to discern the best plan of care for each patient.