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Vaccinations for every stage of schooling

Is your family up to date with vaccinations? If you are unsure whether your children are fully immunized, be sure to consult with your family doctor. Patients in the Greater New Orleans Area can rely on West Jefferson Medical Center for immunizations on top of other health services.

Proper immunization during school years plays an essential part in keeping both your child and the community healthy by protecting against outbreaks of diseases that can be severe or even deadly. It is important to take these shots seriously and schedule the right doses throughout childhood, especially for children with weaker or compromised immune systems.

Different types of vaccinations are recommended for different age groups, so make sure your children have received the appropriate shots before entering each stage of schooling. Vaccinations are recommended for children before beginning kindergarten, middle school, high school, and college.

The Family Doctors provide you and your family with the care and information you need to stay healthy throughout the school year and beyond. You can receive vaccinations at any of our five clinics.

We have locations in:

  • Oakwood
  • Manhattan Blvd.
  • Marrero
  • Lapalco Blvd.
  • Port Sulphur
  • Luling

When looking for a family doctor, New Orleans residents can depend on our community of care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert physicians.