Physical Rehabilitation

What to Expect

West Jefferson Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

During the initial phase of treatment, you will be asked to participate in a series of evaluations. It is critical that we perform a complete assessment because your treatment program will be based on those needs identified. We will need your best efforts during all activities and will keep you thoroughly informed of your progress.

Most patients will receive a minimum of three hours of therapy each day, at least five days per week. Therapy may take place in both individual and group treatment settings, and sessions will be scheduled for various times throughout the day.

Prior to your discharge, your case manager will meet with you and your family to discuss any services or equipment you may need after leaving the hospital. We may also schedule a home visit to identify any potential hazards or necessary modifications. You will receive a follow-up call approximately two weeks after discharge and again at three months to discuss your concerns and to check on your progress.

Your program will be challenging, but you can expect our full support and encouragement. Progress toward your functional goals is our top priority.