Brain Injury Specialty Program

Exceptional, comprehensive program for patients who have experienced a brain injury.

Brain Injury Specialty Rehabilitation Program Highlights:

  • West Jefferson maintains accreditation by The Joint Commission
  • Brain Injury Specialty Program CARF accreditation since 2002
  • Access to excellent, in-house neurological/neurosurgical services due to our partnership with the renowned Culicchia Neurological Group
  • Nursing Director is a Certified Rehabilitation Nurse Over 50% of the therapy staff are Certified Brain Injury Specialists (specializing in stroke and traumatic/non-traumatic brain injury)
  • Brain Injury Support Groups offered as needed during the rehab stay with referrals made to community support groups at discharge
  • Specialized Brain Injury Team including dedicated Physical Therapist/Physical Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapist/Occupational Therapist Assistant, Speech-Language Pathologist and Social Worker
  • All staff CPI-certified (Crisis Prevention Institute)
  • Close collaboration with the Brain Injury Association of Louisiana with provision of resources, education and peer support as needed
  • Leisure Activities Program, including Pet Therapy, available 6 days/week
  • Specialty equipment including Vital Stim, Biodex Unweighting Machine as well as various types of equipment designed to ensure patient safety (e.g., Secure Care Wander Guard system, actual and virtual sitters, bed and wheelchair alarms, wheelchair seatbelts)

Referral Information:

Referrals to our Brain Injury Specialty Rehabilitation Program can be made using the below contact information:
Phone number: 504.349.1346
Fax number: 504.349.1628