Stroke Care

Stroke Rehabilitation on the West Bank

Helping you heal

man with walker After stroke, rehabilitation focuses on helping patients regain as much functional independence as possible in order to restore the highest quality of life for that individual. It is important to remember that just as each individual’s stroke is different, each person’s recovery will be different. Your brain needs time to heal, so progress may take time. You may need to regain strength, relearn skills, or find new ways of doing the things you were doing before your stroke.

In order to best facilitate your recovery, your rehab team will tailor your therapy plan to your individual needs and personal recovery goals. Your rehab team will include you and your family along with speech, physical, and occupational therapists, physicians, nurses, social workers, and case managers. This multidisciplinary team will work together to help prevent complications, facilitate a safe recovery process, and ensure positive community reintegration for each patient.

At West Jefferson Medical Center, we offer several options for patients requiring various types of rehabilitation. West Jefferson Rehab Care is a 24-bed inpatient rehabilitation facility located on the 4th floor of West Jefferson Medical Center. Patients will have specialized care with access to the acute stroke team if needed. Additionally, West Jeff Rehab Connection provides outpatient rehabilitation services for those patients who do not require inpatient therapy or who need additional therapy after their inpatient stay.