Fitness Services & Wellness Programs in Marrero

Maintain a healthy lifestyle at West Jefferson Medical Center

Staying active and incorporating wellness activities into your daily life are great ways to improve your physical and mental health. Making simple lifestyle changes – like exercising, choosing healthier foods, and taking the time to handle stress in a positive way – can vastly improve your quality of life and the way you feel each day.

To help you along your fitness and wellness journey, West Jefferson Medical Center offers several programs, classes, and resources open to interested community members.

The West Jefferson Fitness Centers offer:

  • Corporate wellness program
  • Kids’ fitness programs (Terrytown Location)
  • Field Trip & Obstacle Course Field Days
  • Group fitness classes
  • Health and wellness socials
  • Personal training
  • Reformer studio
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Massage therapy
  • Senior wellness services
  • Swimming lessons
  • Contact our team with any questions regarding our fitness center and how to get involved.

Marrero Location Hours

  • Monday 5AM-9PM
  • Tuesday 5AM-9PM
  • Wednesday 5AM-9PM
  • Thursday 5AM-9PM
  • Friday 5AM-8PM
  • Saturday 7AM-5PM
  • Sunday 8AM-4PM

Terrytown Location Hours

  • Monday 5AM-7PM
  • Tuesday 5AM-7PM
  • Wednesday 5AM-7PM
  • Thursday 5AM-7PM
  • Friday 5AM-7PM
  • Saturday 7AM-3PM
  • Sunday Closed