The Family Birth Place

Providing family birth care for the region

You’re more than a mom, you’re a magic maker. We know you are busy changing diapers and rocking your baby to sleep. We get it—navigating the physical and emotional changes can be difficult while taking care of a newborn and sometimes you don’t know where to start. Our team at the Family Birth Place is here to help make motherhood a little less stressful.

We all wait until the last minute to get some things done—but we want to make sure you’re prepared for your baby’s arrival a little ahead of time. If you are currently pregnant, you should be starting to think about pediatricians, parenting classes, and baby wellness.

West Jefferson Medical Center’s Family Birth Place has all the resources you need to prepare you and your support system for the big arrival. From in-person parenting classes to downloadable guides, we've got you covered. Having a baby is hard work, but we are here to make it a little easier.

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Family runs deep “around here” and we get it. Our aunts, uncles, and cousins all live “up the block and around the corner,” which means they are all constantly a part of our lives and we think that’s pretty special. Our team at West Jefferson Medical Center’s Family Birth Place knows that families come in all shapes and sizes and we want you to know that everyone is welcome here—so come on in! From your first cousin to your best friend, we want your support system around you. We are here to listen to you and give you the birthing experience you want.

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The following services can help you prepare because preparation is key:

Looking to learn more about the Family Birth Place? Give us a call at 855.961.0710.

A facility built with your comfort in mind

The Family Birth Place was designed to accommodate the needs of expectant mothers and their little ones. From prenatal classes to a quality nursing staff ready to guide you through the birth process, our hospital treats every patient with the commitment and compassion they deserve.

We offer:

  • State-of-the-art labor/delivery and recovery suites and postpartum unit
  • Level III NICU (10-bed)
  • RN’s, certified RN’s, lamaze certified childbirth educators
  • Breastfeeding supplies and pump rentals
  • International board certified lactation consultant and nationally certified lactation counselors
  • Free lactation assistance after hospital discharge