A special emergency room just for seniors

We’re all about making our seniors feel special because well, they are.

We’ve made major changes to our emergency room for our senior patients who deserve extra-extraordinary care for all they do for our families and community. Great perks come with growing older, and we owe it to our seasoned seniors to create a safe place to seek fast, attentive emergency care from time of arrival to when it’s time to go home, and even well into the recovery journey.

Here's how we have gone the extra mile to put some senior-first initiatives in place in our emergency room just for you.

doctor iconDesignated senior emergency care nurse navigator and emergency room physician trained to take care of you.

handicap iconReadily available walkers, canes and wheelchairs.

ER Online Check In feature to schedule a convenient time to arrive in our emergency room.

brain iconSpecialized senior health screenings for dementia and delirium.

bed iconPatient rooms with fall preventive flooring, large clocks, soothing lighting and comfortable bedding.

bandaid iconA designated triage and treatment area.

Be seen by a doctor in 30 minutes or less – no really, instant door to doctor access.

employee iconDesignated concierge to make sure your visit with us is top notch.

You’re extra special, so you deserve a little extra love.

award ribbon iconThe West Jefferson Medical Center Emergency Department recently earned the Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA) from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) in recognition of excellence in care for senior patients.
This means we’re especially ready to care for the seniors of our community with ease and comfort at heart.

How do we make our grandparents feel extra special?

Want more information about our emergency room?

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