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Marrero Diabetes Services

Diabetes Prevention, Education & Management in New Orleans

Diabetes affects roughly 6.5% of the U.S. population. While there is no cure for the disease yet, learning how to manage the symptoms can help a person avoid serious complications and live a rich, fulfilling life.

West Jefferson treats patients in all stages of diabetes -- from the newly diagnosed to those who have lived with diabetes for much of their lives. Diabetes Services offers classes to help you learn how to best manage diabetes, provides nutritional instruction, and offer personalized recommendations for achieving and maintaining control of your diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

When we consume sugar, the body uses insulin to process the sugar and turn it into energy. Diabetes is a condition where the body’s ability to make insulin is hindered or stops completely. This is not good because insulin is necessary for survival. This is why diabetes patients need to take regular insulin injections.

If diabetes is not managed, it can cause blurry vision, frequent urination, nerve damage, and cardiovascular problems. It can even result in death if the symptoms are completely undamaged. Thankfully these complications are largely preventable so long as you remain vigilant and practice appropriate self-management.

What to Expect

Hundreds of patients participate in our diabetes course every year. This program includes an intensive half-day class and a follow-up with a Certified Diabetes Nurse and Dietician Educators. The core program lasts for one year and post-core classes are available to help patients continue their diabetes self-management when the program ends.

Diabetes management focuses on the following:

  • Managing weight
  • Learning how and went to use insulin injections
  • Creating a diabetes-friendly diet
  • How to measure blood sugar
  • Learning new exercises
  • Stress management techniques (stress scan worsen diabetes symptoms)
  • Education about what diabetes is and why self-management is so important

West Jefferson Medical Center is the only designated diabetes unit in the region. We have received the Diabetes Association Education Recognition Certificate for the high quality diabetes self-management education program offered by our knowledgeable staff. Our team includes four lifestyle coaches who were trained by the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

For more information on preventing or managing diabetes, call 504.349.2222.