Treatment Options

Oncological Surgery

Cancer surgery on the West Bank

Cancer usually starts in a single area. As the cancer cells reproduce, they eventually spread throughout the body and destroy healthy cells. Before that, however, a tumor will often develop in the place where the cancer originated. A malignant tumor is a mass of cancer cells. Eventually, new blood vessels are formed around the tumor which allow the cancer cells to penetrate other parts of the body.

Early detection of cancer is important because in many cases it allows oncologists to destroy the cancer cells before they can spread. This is often accomplished by removing the tumor through surgery.

Am I a candidate for cancer surgery?

Not every cancer patient will be a good fit for cancer surgery. Typically, doctors only recommend surgery to patients with large tumors that will be easy to remove. However, if the cancer cells have already spread to other parts of the body, removing the tumor will not be enough to eliminate cancer.

Cancer surgery is not always used to remove a tumor. Some other reasons your doctor may recommend oncological surgery include:

  • Confirming a cancer diagnosis
  • Determining where the cancer is located
  • Finding out if the cancer has spread
  • Repairing physical deformities caused by cancer
  • Treat side effects of cancer
  • Preventing cancer by removing precancerous polyps
  • Removing breast tissue for women with a high risk of breast cancer
At West Jefferson Medical Center, our oncologists will be by your side through every step of your cancer journey. We will explain all of your treatment options in detail and help you make important decisions that will impact the course of your recovery.

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