Patient Navigator Program

Your guide through cancer care at West Jefferson Medical Center

The healthcare system can seem overwhelming, particularly when you have cancer and will likely need to meet with numerous medical professionals in various departments. With the strain cancer puts on a patient’s personal life, they may find themselves too distracted to keep track of all the care they need. This is where West Jefferson Medical Center’s patient navigators can help.

Our patient navigator works one-on-one with patients to help you organize your medical care and overcome barriers that might otherwise prevent you from receiving the care you need.

What can my patient navigator help me with?

As the title implies, a patient navigator’s role is to help you “navigate” the healthcare system. Very few people are ever prepared for a cancer diagnosis, so they are always prepared for the financial toll this will take on their lives, as well as the time they will have to take off work in order to receive treatment and recover. Patient navigators are here to ensure nothing stands in the way of your needed treatment.

A patient navigator can help you:

  • Find financial aid
  • Schedule and keep track of appointments
  • Communicate with medical professionals when you need them
  • Complete insurance paperwork
  • Connect with community resources, including support groups and healthcare education
  • Direct you to departments that can help with the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of cancer
Patient navigators have proven to be valuable for both patients and physicians. Working with a patient navigator leads to better patient preparedness, improved collaboration between your care team, and more efficient use of clinical services.

For more information, call our oncology nurse navigator at 504.349.2104.