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Cancer Clinical Trials in New Orleans

Cancer Research Center at West Jefferson Medical Center

Research is an integral part of our cancer program and we are proud to offer progressive cancer care. We continually assess and expand our research trials for the benefit of our patients. The program offers national and international studies which typically are found only at large, out of state institutions. We can provide the same opportunities and level of care right here in your backyard.

For more information, please call:

  • Clinical Research Director 504.349.6360

What is a clinical trial?

New treatments and medications need to undergo significant testing before they are made available to the general public. Even when a treatment has been studied and proven safe for human use, a trial period is still required to ensure it can achieve the desired results. This is to ensure that a patient will not waste their time with an ineffective treatment when more viable options are still available.

Clinical trials are sometimes offered to patients who have not had much success with the treatments that are currently available. By participating in the clinical trial, you will have access to innovative treatments not yet available anywhere else. You will also help medical researchers determine the effectiveness of the treatment and shape the future of cancer care.

There are many advantages to participating in a clinical trial, such as:

  • Access to new cancer treatments that are not yet offered to the general public.
  • An opportunity to find out if this new treatment will provide better results than what you have already tried.
  • Dedicated attention and care from highly skilled medical researchers and physicians.
  • The opportunity to help scientists learn more about cancer and find new, more effective ways of treating it.

Is it safe?

Though the treatment offered in a clinical trial is still in the experimental phase, it must still pass a rigorous examination to ensure it is safe for patients. That said, there are still risks of side effects, and there is a chance the treatment will not work. This is why clinical trials are offered on a strictly volunteer basis, and they are never recommended for a patient who is having success with their current treatment plan.

Do not agree to participate in a clinical trial until you have thoroughly discussed the details with your doctor. They can tell about the potential risks and benefits of the trial and help you decide if you should participate.

For more information about clinical trials call the clinical research director at 504.349.6360.