Partnership Update

West Jefferson Medical Center is pleased to report the partnership negotiations with Louisiana’s Children’s Medical Center (LCMC) continue to move forward in a positive manner. Until our governing authority, the Jefferson Parish Council, votes publicly to approve the definitive agreement, the deal is not “done”.  We are almost to that point in the process. Even after the favorable public vote, there will still be a few months prior to the official close of the transaction, at which time WJMC will become part of the LCMC family.

We are grateful to the Council for their hard work. Our region is fortunate to have the presence of a strong hospital and healthcare professionals caring for patients today and into the future.  West Jefferson Medical Center is very excited about becoming part of the LCMC healthcare system.   

We are very sensitive to our staff’s questions and pledge to provide you with information as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience throughout this journey. It is very much appreciated. We plan to keep you informed of any major developments. As always, please continue to focus on our hospital’s mission of service.