West Jefferson Medical Center's
Campus Renovation

We’re going the extra mile to make our hospital feel like a little more like home, so we’re embarking on a campus renovation to modernize and reshape the way our community interacts with us! In partnership with LCMC Health, our $86 million renovation will focus on some of our most critical healthcare areas including our Outpatient Surgery Center, Physician Clinics entry, Endoscopy department, Emergency department, and our main hospital entrance.

Outpatient Surgery and Physician Clinics Entrance – Fall 2019

Our new Outpatient Surgery and Physician Clinics entry has been completely designed with your convenience in mind. The 100-foot long glass canopy covering two lanes of traffic and covered entryway will allow ease of access, especially during inclement weather. During later construction phases, it will also serve as the hospital’s temporary main entrance.

Outpatient Surgery Center Renovation and Expansion – Fall 2020

The renovation and 6,500 square foot expansion of our Outpatient Surgery Center will allow us to provide the custom-fit care you deserve. Four new operating rooms, eight new recovery bays, and additional storage and support spaces, with new, modern finishes throughout will nearly double the capacity of our existing facility and provide you with better access to quality, outpatient surgical care in a comfortable environment.

Endoscopy – Winter 2020

Our Endoscopy department will relocate to a brand new space, spanning over 10,000 square feet. It will double its current capacity with six procedure rooms and 15 private recovery rooms. With a new dedicated entrance, parking, and large waiting room, you can expect a more convenient and comfortable experience for you and your family.

Emergency Department – Phased Construction – Winter 2021

The renovation of our state-of-the-art Emergency department will result in the full replacement of our 10,000 square foot facility while maintaining continuity of department operations throughout three construction phases. The renovations will increase our capacity and bring all areas up to contemporary design standards. Our patients can expect a dedicated, covered vehicle drop-off, a light-filled registration and waiting room, a fast-track triage and treatment area, three new state-of-the-art trauma rooms, and a separated ambulance bay for increased patient safety. Our new updates promise to enhance the efficiency of your care, providing you with shorter wait times and easier access to quality, emergency care.

Atrium – Summer 2023

Our main hospital entrance will be completely reconstructed, giving the hospital a modernized, welcoming front door. With a redesigned pedestrian and vehicular access and a new drop-off canopy, you can expect a convenient, safe experience during your visits. Outfitted with energy-efficient glass and contemporary finishes, the space will greet patients and their family members with a everyone-is-welcome-here feel.

South Wing – Phased Construction – Summer 2023

Patient care and recovery is always top-of-mind, so our patient rooms in our eight-story south wing will be renovated with all new finishes, bathrooms, and furniture to provide a more comfortable environment. This includes modernized postpartum rooms on our third floor Labor & Delivery wing, which will also welcome a brand new NICU and nursery for our mamas and their new little bundles of joy. The updates will extend throughout the corridors, nursing stations, and support spaces ensuring one-of-a-kind care for every patient that walks through our doors.