Frequent Questions About Bills and Statements

If you need additional information, please contact the Physican Billing Customer Service Department at (866)434-1545 ext 85294.

I received a billing statement. How do I know my insurance company paid its portion?

If you have any questions about your insurance payment, please call your insurance company directly. The insurance company's phone number is usually printed on the back of your insurance card. You can also contact the Physician Billing Services Customer Service Department at (866)434-1545 ext 85294 for more information.

When do I pay the co-payment?

Your co-payment is due when you register. If you are unsure of your co-pay responsibilities, please look at your insurance card, or call your insurance company.

What if I forgot to bring my insurance information to the appointment?

You will be registered as "self-pay" during registration, which means you are responsible for paying the entire bill. You should call Customer Service immediately at (866)434-1545 ext 85294 after you get home to provide your insurance information.

How does my insurance company receive the claim for health care services?

West Jefferson Physician Billing Services files the claim with your insurance company. To insure prompt, proper claim processing, please verify we have the proper insurance information on file when you register.

What is the difference between hospital, physician, laboratory, radiology and anethesia billing statements?

You may receive separate bills for services from physicians and anesthesiologists, your primary care physician and West Jefferson Medical Center. For more information, please read more detailed descriptions of each type of statement, and view examples of each:

  1. Hospital bill
  2. Physician bill
  3. Anethesia bill
  4. Radiologist bill
  5. Laboratory bill
  6. West Jefferson Surgery Center

Why are some of my bills from the clinic covered by my insurance, while others are not covered?

Coverage can change every year depending on your benefit plan. This determines whether or not a patient's bill is covered by insurance. Clinic coverage often has a deductible or out-of-pocket expense. Since each plan can be different, we encourage families to carefully review their benefits with their insurance company.

My medical bills are adding up fast, and I can't afford to pay them. How can I get help?

We are committed to providing health care to all members of our community. Besides accepting health insurance, we do offer discounts and payment plans for eligible recipients. Please call one of our financial counselors at (504)349-6950 to discuss financial assistance options. Our financial counselors can help you apply for a variety of financial assistance programs.

I received a letter stating my account has been referred to a collection agency or collection attorney. Why was this done and what should I do?

Before an account is placed with a collection agency, you will receive billing statements from us advising you of your account activity. You may also receive phone calls from West Jefferson billing office personnel during this billing period.

After these steps have been taken and payment or payment arrangements have not been made, the account is then referred to a collection agency. These agencies act under the direction of West Jefferson Physician Billing Services. Once an account is placed with an outside collection agency, we ask that patients work directly with the agency to resolve the balance. We hope this lessens confusion and frustration by eliminating unnecessary phone calls for families.

Can I contact the Physician Billing Office through e-mail?

Yes, you may e-mail our office 24 hours a day, seven days a week with questions. Please be patient for your response. We will personally reply to your message during normal business office hours.

What specific type of electronic payment method can I use?

You can make payments electronically using your credit card, debit card or checking account.

When will my payment be posted?

Credit card payment will be posted the next business day.