WJMC - West Jefferson Medical Center

WJMC - West Jefferson Medical Center

West Jeff - Smoking Cessation New Orleans Marrero Westbank

Learn About:

  • Benefits of quitting

  • How lung disease can affect you

  • Why nicotine is so addictive

  • Quitting methods: cold turkey, nicotine reduction, medications

  • Coping tools to get through the urges

  • The importance of exercise and changing your daily routine

Want to Quit Smoking?

Help to quit smoking is here,
and it's FREE



  • Medications
  • Doctor Visits
  • Group & Individual Counseling


  • Complete Application
  • Current Louisiana Resident
  • Started Smoking Cigarettes before September 1, 1988

For more information call 504.349.6226

Smoking Cessation Trust:

In late 2011, after a lawsuit between the state of Louisiana and American tobacco companies, the Smoking Cessation Trust of Louisiana was created, benefiting Louisiana residents who began their smoking habit before September 1, 1988. If you are approved as a member of the Trust, you can receive, for FREE, medications to help you quit smoking, individual/group counseling and/or intensive quit smoking support services.


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