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Weight Loss Surgery


The bariatric and weight loss surgery program here at West Jefferson Medical Center of Marrero offers multidiscliplinary services which are available to each patient. Our multidisciplinary team consist of a Bariatric nurse coordinator, 2 Registered dieticians, Sleep Disorder Center, WJFC which features top of the line equipment and ability to create a personalized exercise prescription as well as Family Doctors available to provide primary care medical services.

West Jeff Fitness Center has two Registered Dieticians/Nutritionists on staff to offer nutritional counseling, meal planning, supermarket shopping tips, metabolism measurements and much more.

We are proud to serve the West Bank, Gretna, and Harvey areas.

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Bariatric Surgery, New Orleans Center of Excellence

West Jeff - Bariatric Center of Excellence Following several years of development, recruitment of dedicated and caring team members, evaluation of various surgical procedures, and implementation of stringent patient care processes, our high standards are exceptional outcomes have been recognized and awarded the highest honor achievable by bariatric surgeons around the world. "This certification as a Center of Excellence has been the result of years of hard work by our surgeons, nurses, staff, and support systems, and is an achievement of which we are all very proud," said Dr. David Treen, founder of the Surgical Clinic of Louisiana.

According to Dr. Todd Belott, "being certified as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence enables us to provide surgical weight loss options to a much broader group of patients. This would include Medicare beneficiaries, as well as other patients whose insurance companies require a Center of Excellence for their patients having bariatric surgery benefits."

In recent years, surgeons performing weight loss surgery recognized the need to establish standards for quality as well as mechanisms to report their results into a collective database. The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery was instrumental in establishing guidelines and criteria for hospitals and surgeons to be designated as Center of Excellence. Facilities and surgeons with this certification have distinguished themselves as meeting the necessary standards of quality, and participate in the collection of data defining their results.

Among the requirements for certification as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence®, are that the hospital must perform at least 125 weight loss operations annually, and each surgeon must perform a minimum of 50 bariatric surgery procedures per year. In addition, treatment pathways, nursing protocols, specialty physician consultation availability, and bariatric specific equipment and instrumentation are required.

Dr. Treen and Dr. Belott along with West Jefferson Medical Center are recipients of this certification as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence®, and continue to place quality, safety, and results at the forefront of our effort to provide bariatric surgery services to our community and referring physicians, with compassion.

West Jeff - Bariatric BLIS Certified Drs. David C. Treen, Jr. and Todd P. Belott are both BLIS affiliated surgerons. Becoming a BLIS Surgeon is a very selective process as determined exclusively by BLIS. To be eligible for Blis we must meet very high standards and prove long term patient success. As a result of our approval by BLIS, we are able to participate offering insurance coverage to our self-pay patients if a covered complication occur within certain time frames following weight loss surgery; our patients are not responsible for the costs associated with the care of that complication.

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