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WJMC’s 50th Anniversary Gala

West Jefferson Hospital Foundation Anniversary Gala

The magical evening at the Royal Palm was a smashing success. The hospital foundation raised more than 150-thousand dollars. We’d like to thank our generous donors and contributors for supporting West Jeff’s pediatric services and the new Care House for family members who have loved ones in the critical care unit.

The 3 live auctions items alone raised a total of $13,900. The art print on canvas, “WJMC Celebrating 50 Years”, raised $2,600. The original oil, “Sensational Season”, went for $6,500. Both paintings were done by artist, Christy Works-Boutte. She is the same artist who was commissioned by the Crescent City Classic and the French Quarter Festival to do their artwork.

Highlights of the evening include Saints Coach Sean Payton’s remarks, the fabulous performances by the Jefferson Performing Arts Society Symphony & Ronnie Kole; and the 7 minute feature DVD of the hospital’s 50-year history produced by Taslin Alfonzo.

The hospital foundation would like to thank all those who worked hard to make the event a success, especially the generous sponsors and donors who made the event possible.




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