WJMC - West Jefferson Medical Center

WJMC - West Jefferson Medical Center

West Jeff Rehab Lymphedema Management and Education Program

West Jefferson Rehab Connection pioneered its lymphedema management and education program in 2004. Our lymphedema therapists are skilled in multiple techniques in managing this long-term disease, which is characterized by the swelling of tissues. Lymphedema is a chronic condition that can be managed with prompt and ongoing treatment. The core of the program includes manual lymph drainage, compression therapy, decongestive exercises, and education regarding skin care. Goals of the program are to move stagnant lymph fluid out of tissues to reduce edema, control/maintain reduction, soften fibrotic tissues, educate on independent management of symptoms, improve general health and enhance quality of life.

Other conditions that may benefit from this program include:

  • Chronic venous insufficiencies
  • Post-surgical swelling
  • Post-traumatic swelling
  • Amputee stump edema
  • Chronic swelling
  • Lipidema

Treatable Functional Impairments

  • Hemiplegia
  • Hand/arm weakness
  • Right/left neglect
  • Gait difficulty
  • Aphasia
  • Dysphagia
  • Sitting/standing imbalance
  • Cognitive impairments

Please call 504.349.6140 to learn more about West Jefferson Rehab Connection’s Lymphedema program or to make a referral!

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