WJMC - West Jefferson Medical Center

WJMC - West Jefferson Medical Center



Department: CT located on the 1st floor of the Main Hospital

***Patient should report to Central Registration at least ½ hour prior to the scheduled appointment time to register/check-in.

  • Physician’s office must fax the most recent mini-metal status if Brain Pet/CT is scheduled.
  • Patient must go on a high protein/low carbohydrate diet 48 hours prior to the exam. The CT Nurse will give indications on foods to consume during the consult visit.
  • If the patient has had any previous PET-CT scans, please fax the reports to 349-1470.
  • Diabetic patients will be scheduled in the afternoon.
  • The patient will be required to come for a consult with the CT Nurse 3-4 days prior to the PET-CT exam.



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