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Your Musculoskeletal System


Keeping your Joints Healthy

Maintaining a healthy body weight helps prevent:

  • bone and joint injuries
  • osteoarthritis

Exercise can:

  • Increase mobility
  • Increase independence for seniors

Types of exercise:

  • Aerobic conditioning = F.I.T. – Frequency, Intensity, Time
    1. Frequency – at least three times a week
    2. Intensity – hard enough to reach your target heart rate
    3. Time – at least 20 minutes in each session
  • Strength and endurance
    1. Increases flexibility
    2. Strengthens bones
    3. Increases muscle mass and endurance
    4. Maintains body fat within acceptable limits
  • Flexibility
    1. Perform better
    2. Avoid injuries
  • Balance
    1. Prevents falls
    2. Prevents injuries
    3. Maintain independence

PREVENT EXERCISE INJURIES: follow these simple rules:

  • Warm up and stretch
  • Know and abide by rules
  • Wear appropriate protective gear
  • Know how to use equipment
  • Wear supportive shoes
  • Never “play through pain”


  • Talk to your primary care doctor first
  • Consider an athletic trainer or physical therapist
  • Work with your orthopaedic surgeon if you have an injury or condition
  • Always warm up and cool down
  • Start slowly, progress gradually
  • Avoid becoming chilled or overheated when exercising
  • Drink water or sport drink
  • Have a support system


  • Do too much too soon
  • Hold your breath while exercising
  • Get discouraged

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