WJMC - West Jefferson Medical Center

WJMC - West Jefferson Medical Center

How is HBOT Accomplished?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, (HBOT) is administered to a patient(s) resting inside a pressure vessel (chamber). There are two types of chambers here at WJMC, a Multiplace (multiple occupancy) chamber and a Monoplace (single occupancy) chamber.

West Jeff - Hyperbarics Multiplace Chamber The Multiplace chamber can accommodate up to 12 patients, it is a large vessel made of steel and looks like a submarine. The chamber is pressurized with air and the patients breathe 100% oxygen through clear hoods. An Observer (RN, EMT) is also inside the chamber with the patients during the entire treatment. The patients are sitting or lying on stretchers and may watch television (which is located outside the chamber), read or take a nap. The Multiplace chamber is capable of treating critical care patients, the chamber is equipped with a cardiac monitor, ventilator and I.V. pumps. The Multiplace is capable of pressurizing to 165 feet of seawater for treating divers that need to breathe special mixes of nitrogen and oxygen.

West Jeff - Hyperbarics Monoplace Chamber The Monoplace chamber (WJMC has two) is smaller in size and is comprised of a seamless acrylic material. These chambers are pressurized with 100% oxygen instead of air. Patients are lying on a stretcher and are able to watch television (looking through the acrylic walls) or take a nap.

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