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Welcome to the Family Birth Place
Post Partum Guidelines

West Jeff - Family Birth Place Post Partum GuidelinesWelcome to 3 South/Post Partum. In an effort to provide a safe and positive experience for our patients, we would appreciate your cooperation in the following Family Birth Place visitor policies.



  • Please be considerate of the privacy and rest needs of the other patients. Monitor visitors’ (especially children’s) noise level. All patient room doors are to remain closed for patient privacy.
  • Please do not allow family members and visitors to visit if they are ill with fever, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea and/or have viral or bacterial infections.
  • For optimal infant security, the Family Birth Place is a locked down unit. Please ring the doorbell and we will assist you. You must have patient’s name and room number to enter. Please be patient. One of the staff will allow access into the unit as soon as possible.
  • Children under the age of 5 are not allowed in the Post Partum unit (with exception of siblings). Children should not be allowed to play unattended in the 3rd floor waiting room, or run in the hallways.
  • Only one (1) overnight visitor may stay with mother, and that person must be over the age of 13.
  • We ask that you limit the number of visitors and their length of stay for the sake of your newborn’s health. Please wash your hands before touching the newborn baby. Frequent and thorough hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent infection.
  • Babies cannot be in mother’s room unattended, and may not be wheeled or carried out into the hallway by parents or family members. Babies will only be allowed to stay in mother’s room with the individual that is appropriately banded.
  • Be aware that changes in patient privacy laws (HIPPA) do not allow us to discuss you or your baby with ANYONE. This includes giving out your room number on the telephone as well as any information concerning your stay here with us.
  • Meal times are approximately 7:30am, 11:30am, and 4:30pm. Meals are provided by our Dietary Department. Please notify your nurse if you do not receive a tray at meal times. As a reminder, diet changes are sent to dietary by the nursing staff. Dietary staff will pick up your empty meal tray. Please do not set it on the floor outside your room. If you must have it picked up before dietary makes rounds on the Unit, please call the nurses station (ext 2612).
  • Birth certificates are completed by Medical Records (ext.1750). A representative will come to your room to collect your information. They will provide you with a birth letter and Social Security information. No one is available to do birth certificates on Saturday/Sunday. You will need to return to the hospital after discharge Monday - Friday to complete the paperwork.
  • Photographs and video/audio recording is allowed in mother’s room and Nursery viewing window. For patient privacy, please limit photographs to your baby and family. Patients, visitors and family members may not photograph, record or video tape WJMC employees, Physicians and care providers without their permission. You may be asked to discontinue the use of cameras and similar audio and/or video recording devices at any time.

Thank You for your understanding and cooperation - The Family Birth Place Staff

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