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Types Of Stroke

Not all Strokes are alike. The type of Stroke depends on how it happens.

ISCHEMIC (Too little blood flow)

  • Embolism – Sometimes the heart or blood vessels in the neck release a blood clot that travels through arteries. Clots can float through big arteries with no problem. If a clot tries to pass through small arteries in the brain, it gets stuck and blocks the flow of blood. This type of Stroke is called a cerebral embolism.
  • Thrombosis – Another type of Stroke happens when a brain artery clogs up. Fatty buildup (plaque) collects inside an artery wall. As blood flows through the artery, it sticks to the plaque’s rough edges and builds up a clot. Over time, this can build a dam in the artery that stops blood flow. Brain cells on the other side can’t get oxygen and die.

HEMORRHAGIC (Too much blood flow)

  • Hemorrhage – A hemorrhage occurs when a blood vessel in the brain breaks open. Blood spills out and damages the brain cells near the injured blood vessel. The broken vessel no longer carries blood, and further brain damage results. Sometimes, this is caused by a ‘bubble’ that bursts in a blood vessel, called an aneurysm.

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