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Stroke: Parts Of The Brain

A Stroke can damage the brain on either the right or left side. Sometimes a Stroke happens deep inside the brain near the center. It may help to know a little about what these parts of the brain do. Then, you will understand some of the changes that you may experience.

WJMC Stroke Parts of the Brain Chart

Right Brain:

  • Feels and moves left side of the body
  • Controls emotions
  • Organizes
  • Keeps track of time
  • Pays attention to the left side of space

Left Brain:

  • Feels and moves right side of the body
  • Controls speech
  • Understands language
  • Reads, writes, does math
  • Remembers words


  • Keeps movement smooth and balanced

Brain Stem (Spinal Cord):

  • Controls and regulates basic body functions such as heartbeat, breathing, swallowing, and blinking
  • Controls alertness
  • Focuses attention

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