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Stroke Outcomes

  • In 2017, WJMC’s overall tPA treatment rate was 16.6%.
    • Among patients with acute ischemic stroke who presented to the hospital within 2 hours of last known well, 97.3% had IV tPA initiated within 3 hours of last known well.
    • Of those treated with IV or IA tPA, <3.0% experienced hemorrhagic transformation.
  • Among patients presenting to WJMC via the Emergency Department who were treated with Endovascular Intervention (Thrombectomy), 93.3% experienced recanalization (opening of the blocked vessel)
    • 73.3% experienced recanalization resulting in a post-interventional TICI score of 2B or greater
      • A TICI Score is a way of grading the level of effectiveness of the Endovascular Intervention and ranges from 0 (no perfusion) to 3 (full perfusion). A TICI score of 2B or 3 is widely viewed as “successful” recanalization.
  • WJMC’s rate of post-procedure stroke and mortality was 0.0% for patient undergoing Carotid Endarterectomy between January and April 2018.


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