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West Jeff - Cardiac Services Get With The Guidelines 2011 Silver Performance Award The ACTION-GWTG (Get With The Guidelines) Registry is a risk-adjusted, outcomes-based data registry that focuses on high-risk AMI patients with STEMI and NSTEMI. It is now the largest national quality improvement initiative in regards to these types of patients. The registry provides Outcomes Reports, which allow us to assess the characteristics and treatments of the AMI patient. We are then able to optimize care and management of AMI patients through implementation of evidence-based guideline recommendations in clinical practice.

The Cath-PCI Registry is a comprehensive, nationwide database that focuses on cardiac catheterization and PCI procedures. It assesses the characteristics, treatments, and outcomes of patients who receive diagnostic catheterization and/or PCI. The Cath-PCI Registry produces risk-adjusted benchmark reports to see how our lab compares with the nation, which allows us to develop quality improvement plans to help meet any goals we have set at our heart clinic. New Orleans patients will often see results of implementing the registry include reduced door-to-balloon times, cost control, and achieving a closer look at appropriate use through a set of established guidelines and cardiologist-approved criteria.

West Jeff - Cardiac Services Get With The Guidelines 2013 Mission Lifeline Award The Get with the Guidelines-HF Registry is a nationwide database from the American Heart Association that focuses on the hospital’s overall care of our Heart Failure population. It utilizes a Patient Management Tool, which is an online interactive assessment and reporting system that helps track our hospital’s success at delivering the latest scientific guideline-based treatments. The information from the registry enables us to optimize our quality care delivery, reduce readmissions, and compare our performance against national benchmarks. This program also provides us with resources that include educational tools, prevention programs, quality initiatives, and outcome-based programs.

The ICD Registry – A CMS-Mandated data repository for implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) procedures. It currently captures atrial, ventricular, defibrillator, and left-heart sided data at the time of implant, revision, replacement, or surgical abandonment. It also provides us with quarterly benchmark reports that compare WJMC’s performance with that of volume-based peer groups and the national experience.

At our heart clinic, New Orleans area residents, and those from Gretna, Harvey, and the West Bank areas can count on our dedicated staff to provide the most cutting edge treatments and services.

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