WJMC - West Jefferson Medical Center

WJMC - West Jefferson Medical Center

Cardiologist Center in New Orleans

The EKG department is one of many cardiac services provided at WJMC by an experienced cardiologist. New Orleans area residents turn to our Marrero medical center to treat their cardiovascular conditions.

At our heart clinic, the EKG department provides two procedures - 12 lead ECG or EKG with rhythm strip.

There are several areas that have assigned coverage:

  • Emergency Dept. – all ER staff has been trained to perform EKG’s
  • Pre-admit – all Pre-ops and Out-patients
  • SDS – all surgery in-patients and Post-ops
  • EKG Dept. – provides coverage for all patients

For a qualified cardiologist, New Orleans area residents and those from the Westbank, Gretna, Harvey, and the surrounding areas can depend on our dedicated staff at West Jefferson Medical Center, which has the compassion, technology, and drive to care for any cardiovascular condition.

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