Success Stories


Kelly B. 

 Kelly B

“I lost 130 Lbs.”

Kelly’s at the point she does not focus on any scale number, but she's aiming to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

“I have really made exercise it apart of what I do and who I am. I typically exercise six days a week and I do something different every day. (These days I do step mill, adaptive motion trainer; spin class, Pilate’s reformer, yoga, running, boot camp and weight training). The variety has really worked to keep me motivated and I have not gotten burned out. It's also amazing to see what your body can do when you push it, and how it will improve over time. So, for me, it's variety and consistency, and also consistently pushing yourself on what you can do - increasing weights, resistance, speed, etc.”

Stacy W.

Stacy W west jeff fitness center

“I lost 130 Lbs.”

“Before losing 130 pounds that took 13 months, I was always tired, irritable, depressed, breathing wasn't good, could barely walk up 6 stairs to my house, shutting myself off from everyone but once I started exercising as much as I could giving up fried foods and junk foods and started drinking water and eating healthy the weight seemed to come off and having a workout buddy was the best ever!”


Charlene M.

 Charlene M

“I Lost 32 lbs.”

“I lost 32 pounds and have a new lease on life.  When I came to the fitness center, I could not walk upstairs.  I did 12 weeks of personal training with Julie and regained my hip and total body strength.  Now I am a regular member of Boot Camp for Baby Boomers.”

Charlene loves West Jeff Hospital. In the late 50s she volunteered for the surgical center during holidays and when she turned 18 got a job cleaning surgical supplies.  She did such a great job they asked her to clean the glass baby bottles for the nursery.  The oldest of 9 kids, she said sure no problem!  Charlene will not go anywhere else but West Jeff when she has a medical need and can always be seen at the fitness center with her hula hoop in hand and a smile on her face.


Deanne R.

Deanne R

“Improved my balance and overall healthier”

“Yoga has benefited me in feeling overall healthier. Since starting at the age of 65, I have attended yoga five times per week. It has also improved my balance. When I am not in yoga class, I enjoy walking and gardening. It’s a lifestyle change – healthy eating, yoga and being active”  Not bad for 78 years old. - September 2016





“Gain 5 pounds of muscle”

Glenn has been a member since June of 2014.  “In just six weeks I dropped my body fat from 16% to 14.4% and gained 5 pounds of muscle by lifting alternate muscle groups hard 5 days a week.” 



Arthur H.

 Arthur H

 "Decrease body fat % to low 20s”

Arthur has been a member since September of 2014.  “I work out 5 days a week; walks on the treadmill and lift weights. Consistency is the key to my success.”


 Warren G. 

Warren G

“I lost 20+ Lbs.”

“I am a participant in the Diabetes Prevent Program.  When I signed up I had a blood sugar level of 125 and my Doctor told me in needed to make some drastic changes to my lifestyle.  He told me to cut back on sugar and sweets.  I happened to see this program being offered in an email from the West Jefferson fitness center that I attend.  I had no idea of what to expect from the program, but I knew I needed to do something.  I contacted the program and met the requirements to participate.  The program has instructed me on HOW to make changes to improve my blood sugar.  Thanks to the program my blood sugar level is now below 98 and I am in control of my blood sugar.  I plan to keep it that way. The program is very HELPFUL in educating everyone in what needs to be done to help prevent Diabetes.  Without the program I really would have been lost as of how to prevent and reverse my blood sugars! I would also like to say THANKS to the Diabetes Prevention Program and the Nutritionist that are giving very valuable service to our group!  Hopefully you and they will continue to offer the program so that many more people can benefit from it.  This is TAX dollars well SPENT!”

Barbara W. 

 “I lost 31 Lbs.”

“The best employee benefits are having a fitness center so easily accessible and affordable. I wasn’t working towards any particular dress size. I just wanted to get healthy. The cherry-on-top here is the staff at the Marrero Center: they are people I look forward to seeing every day when I walk through those doors. Can you say that about your fitness center?”


Ray B.

Ray West Jeff Fitness Center

“I Lost 62 lbs.”

"My biggest challenge was making the changes that I knew was necessary. It was difficult at first to stop eating at restaurants frequently and to limit the high fat foods that I had been eating for years. The National Diabetes Prevention Program and my lifestyle coaches supported me and motivated me to make those healthier food choices. As I continued attending the classes and receiving the education of what causes "diabetes", I wanted to do well in this program to "prevent" diabetes.  Having been very sedentary before starting the program and not participating in much physical activity, I had to plan a schedule of activities to reach the goal of 150 minutes or more per week. I scheduled every other day in the morning to exercise because I had other commitments with family. I was then and now walking the treadmill.  Gradually, I have incorporated more activity on the days away from West Jefferson Fitness Center, by walking in the park for a mile or two, or walking in the store, while timing myself on these activities. Also, to prevent a plateau of losing additional 30 pounds more, I have been working with Denise Hoffman, my personal sports trainer at West Jefferson Medical Fitness Center in Marrero. She has given me a plan to exercise with weights to tone my muscles and to curb the excess fat.  "I have surpassed the 7% weigh loss goal at the end of the core sessions and have now set new weight loss goals!" My participation has experienced decreases in my blood glucose and cholesterol levels since participating in the program and has lost 62 lbs. so far.”


Lesa C.

“I Lost 20 lbs.”

"It has become so simple for me to enjoy training and working out in Boot Camp. Each phase of training with her has been challenging but fun. I feel more strength and energy every day!




“I Lost 25 lbs.”

“I lost 25 lbs and my BMI went from 32.10 to 27.30. I went from wearing a size 34" waist to a 29" waist. Getting toned by working out 4-6 times a week and watching how many calories consumed each day. I encourage everyone to make the change in their lives by eating healthy and working out!  West Jeff Fitness Center has made such a difference in my life! Great place to work out and they have an awesome staff!”


Purvis B.

Purvis B.

“I Lost 15 lbs.”

I have been members of West Jeff Fitness Center since 2011. I could not lose the weight I had gained until I cut back on portion size and attended Janelle Perez's aqua classes.  I could not have done it by myself.  Janelle pushed me to achieve my goal. Thank you, Janelle


Patty O.


“I lost 7%”

“The West Jefferson Medical Center’s National Diabetes Prevention Program was a great experience in which I met new friends and learned how to eat healthier and make better choices. I lost more than the 7% goal that I set 16 weeks ago. I would recommend this class!”


Hank W.

Hank w.

“I lost 25 lbs.”

 “Based on discussions with Brooke, my doctor and the trainers at WJFC Oakwood, we came up with an exercise plan doing senior aerobics four days a week, cardio six days a week and some weight training 2 days a week. The round table discussions with Brooke and Lisa at the diabetes classes taught me how to eat healthy while still being able to enjoy my food. I believe in moderation. I follow the diabetes management guidelines 80% of the time, but I still go out to dinner with friends 2 to 3 times a week and am not overly strict with myself.” 


Mike F.



“I lost 150 lbs.”

“I consistently attend the "Sunrise Aqua Classes" on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 am to maintain my weight, since I have a sedentary job. During the 29 years that I have been a member at West Jeff Fitness Center, I lost 150 pounds!”


Herman W.

“I lost 69 lbs.” 

“I have been a member of WJFC since 2006 and lost 69 pounds! I attend the Aqua Sunrise Class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, because of the many health benefits of water exercise for a better quality of life.”

Paul B.

“I Lost 60 lbs.” 

"Member since 2011.  “I exercise 6 times per week on the treadmill at West Jeff Fitness Center (3-5 miles per visit). Strict diabetic diet”


Sandy S.


“I Lost 40 lbs.”

“I lost 40 lbs. by improving my diet and exercising with West Jeff Fitness Center 5 days a week.”


Dillion H.

“I gained 4 lbs. of muscle mass”

Member since March 2015. “I gained 4 pounds muscle mass and lost 3% body fat in 3 & 1/2 weeks of personal training (twice a week for an hour using the pyramid gain system). I increased caloric intake with lean protein, while maintaining a balanced diet.”


Kent S.

“I Lost 20 lbs.”

Member since January 2014. “I Lost 20lbs, waist went from 38inches to 34 inches. Success Tactics: Gina's group exercise classes: Spin 3 times a week and aquacise classes”


Shay J.

“I Lost 72 lbs.”

“I lost 72 pounds with the help of aquacise classes at WJFC!”


Kathryn T.


 "I Lost 26 lbs.”

“I lost 26 pounds in 7 months with weekly trainer session with Julie Kennedy, eating healthy & exercise is the key”


Sara G.


“I Lost 57 lbs.”

Member since July 2014.  “I Lost 57 pounds and has gotten off blood pressure medicine through eating healthy and 6 days of exercise.” Special accomplishment- at one time Sara was in a wheelchair after a back problem.  She has come a long way!”



Sharon J.  

“I lost 115 Lbs.”

Health & Fitness Magazine January 2014

Kala W. 


“I lost 260 Lbs.”

I've Lost 260 lbs. in 19 months and still losing...


I knew April 2015 something had to be done about my weight when I received a concussion and made a trip to the ER and they told me I couldn't get proper medical care because I exceeded the weight limit for the machines. At that point, my health was deteriorating rapidly. Luckily, it wasn't severe and I was able to go home embarrassed but ok. I contacted a bariatric surgeon and joined West Jeff Fitness Center and started water aerobics in May 2015. I had my surgery in Feb 2016 . I will tell you, yes, the surgery helped. But what has helped me lose 100 pounds before my surgery and 160 pounds after in this 10 months after so far are the wonderful staff (instructors, support staff) and the people who I get to work out with. I joke that if I can do it anyone can do it. It's true. It wasn't the surgery that did it completely. It played a part in it. I am no longer diabetic, but I accomplished that before my surgery. I am smashing so many goals and things I never thought I could accomplish. I just shopped the juniors sections and bought a shirt for myself last month. Who knows what's next?