WJ Family Fest 2013 - Gator and Goblins - Oct 19





Your company is invited to have a very visible presence at West Jefferson Medical Center’s 4th West Jeff Family Festival presented by the West Jefferson Hospital Foundation. This unique opportunity for brand exposure includes a booth with many benefits. If you become a vendor at the 4th West Jeff Family Festival in 2012, it would be a great way to promote your business and reach new potential customers. It may also help enhance your company’s brand awareness.


Your participation would assist the West Jefferson Hospital Foundation, a non-profit entity, to meet their mission while enjoying a fun family-oriented event. This year’s Festival proceeds will especially benefit the Cancer Center at West Jefferson Medical Center. Donations will be greatly appreciated.


We hope you decide to get involved and join in on the excitement. The event will feature live music (August Rush, Aaron Foret and Rockin’ Dopsie Jr & The Zydeco Twisters), a car show, WJ Kid Zone, costume contes, a special appearance by Troy and Chase Landry from Swamp People, great food from various local places and much more.




         Vendor Booth - $300 (10 AM -11 PM) 

  • Convenient location
  • 10’ x 10’ canopy with ample lighting
  • Three (3) - 8’ tables and 2 chairs
  • One reserved parking spot
  • Recognition in promotional materials
  • On-campus recognition (plasma screens, flyers, posters, elevator signs and more) to more than 5,000 daily visitors in the hospital and Physicians Center.
  • Note: No beverage sales may be sold in booth or premises.
  • Approved menu items only due to menu exclusivity. 

For Vendor Booth Information, Please Contact Karen Johnson at (504) 349-1972 or E-mail: karen.johnson@wjmc.org











The attached application, when accepted by the West Jeff Family Festival, as presented by the West Jefferson Hospital Foundation (hereinafter called the FESTIVAL), is considered a contract between the FESTIVAL and the VENDOR.


In consideration of the mutual agreements below and subject to the conditions expressed below, it is agreed as follows:


1.      The FESTIVAL hereby grants the VENDOR the right to use a booth as assigned in the Festival area the day of the FESTIVAL. 10’ X 10’ booths are available for $300.


2.      Each food booth will consist of a 10’ x10’ booth provided by the FESTIVAL. The West Jefferson Hospital foundation will provide up to 3 tables and 2 chairs. VENDOR provides table cloth and booth decorations (Gators and Goblins theme).


3.      In order to ensure the quality of the FESTIVAL, each VENDOR will offer for sale on the day of the FESTIVAL, only food items pre-approved by the FESTIVAL. NO beverages may be sold in any food booths or on premises.


4.      VENDORS shall not be allowed to hold Raffles and/or sell Raffle tickets of any kind. This act is prohibited without a permit and is being done exclusively by the FESTIVAL.


5.      BOOTH will be assigned AFTER the contract is signed and returned / approved by the FESTIVAL         and the fee is paid (credit card or a check is received). There will be an additional charge of $28 for any check returned due to insufficient funds.


6.      VENDOR agrees to pay all applicable state and local taxes. It shall be the responsibility of the VENDOR to collect and remit taxes to the State and Parish Agents.


7.      BOOTH will be provided with 1-120 volt 20 amp receptacles, if needed, unless additional power is requested and authorized (Additional fee will be charged for added electricity). Each booth will have electric capacity of 16 amps. To figure what amps you will be using, add wattage of appliance then divide by 120. 


8.      We do NOT provide cash or change before / during or after the FESTIVAL.


9.      FOOD items (Menu) will be approved on first-come first-served basis. No duplicate food items will be allowed. Food approval is confirmed upon payment receipt. No additional items may be sold after approval is obtained for the selected item(s).


10.    Please plan cookware appropriately. Burners allowed according to the Fire Code (NFPA101). Cooking equipment will be inspected by the Fire Department prior to use. Safety Inspections will begin at 11:00 a.m. VENDORS will not be allowed to cook if they do not pass the safety inspection.

11.    VENDOR must provide a UL Classification of 2A:10BC or larger fire extinguisher

         (Such as 4A:20BC and so on). This is an ABC type Fire Extinguisher(s). All extinguishers MUST be tagged with an up-to-date inspection tag that shows that a certified extinguisher company has inspected it.


12.    VENDORS may set up on FESTIVAL day, October 19, 2013, tentatively beginning at 7 AM. All vehicles must be removed prior to 9 AM as no parking is allowed in the booth/vendor areas with the exception of show cars taking part in the car show.


13.    VENDORS must be in their respective booth with supplies on the day of the FESTIVAL no later than
10 AM. Booths must be attended at ALL times during FESTIVAL hours (10 AM to 11 PM).


14.    VENDORS may break down their booth only after 11 PM. on October 19, 2013. No early dismantling is permitted. All booths must be completely dismantled by Midnight on October 19, 2013.

15.    VENDORS must send a representative to a Mandatory Vendor Meeting on Monday, October 14, 2013 @ 5:30 p.m. The meeting will take place in the Hospital Auditorium down the Hall of History.

16.    FESTIVAL reserves the right to evict a VENDOR immediately for unethical sales or behaviors that, in the opinion of the FESTIVAL, would prove harmful to the reputation of the FESTIVAL.


17.    In the event the West Jefferson Hospital Foundation is unable to hold this FESTIVAL due to any cause whatsoever, beyond its control, then, in such event, the VENDOR hereby waives all claims for damages or compensation except for the return of the VENDOR’S payment for rental of space.


18.    To the fullest extent permitted by law, VENDOR agrees to protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless, West Jefferson Hospital Foundation and Jefferson Parish Hospital District #1, dba. West Jefferson Medical Center and their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, and volunteers (“Indemnities”) harmless from any loss, demand, liability, cost or expense (including reasonable attorney fees, fines, penalties and reasonable expenses of litigation) caused in whole or in part by, arising from or connected with any act or omission of, negligence, misconduct, strict liability and absolute liability and any material misrepresentation, breach of warranty or covenant or even if such Claim is groundless, false, or fraudulent. An Indemnity shall not be required to sustain an actual loss for the duty to protect, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless set out in these provisions to commence and the duty to defend and indemnify shall begin at the onset of any claim or litigation.

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The West Jefferson Hospital Foundation (WJH Foundation) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit entity which provides financial support to West Jefferson Medical Center (WJMC). The WJH Foundation is a legally separate entity from WJMC and serves as a charitable support organization operated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, or the corresponding provision of any future United States tax code. Sponsorship monies for the festival will be deposited into the general fund of WJH Foundation. These funds will be used to support the mission of WJMC. The WJH Foundation and the Board of Directors shall oversee the distribution of funds. Donations are accepted from individuals and /or corporations and may be given as an Annual Gift, in Planned Giving installments, Stock or as a one time Honorary Memorial Gift to honor a loved one. Donations to the WJH Foundation may be deemed unrestricted or restricted. Gifts are considered tax deductible to the extent of the law.

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