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November 19, 2015

Crescent City Research Consortium Protocol List


CDX011-04 (METRIC):A Randomized Multicenter Pivotal Study of CDX011 (CR011-vcMMAE) in Patients with Metastatic, GPNMB Over-Expressing, Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
NCT01997333 PI:Seiler; Sponsor: Celldex

CP-MGAH22-04 (SOPHIA):A Phase 3, Randomized Study of Margetuximab Plus Chemotherapy vs Trastuzumab Plus Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Patients with HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer Who Have Received Two Prior Anti-HER2 Therapies and Require Systemic Treatment
PI: Sonnier; Sponsor: Macrogenics, Inc.

DxB-060:Collection of K2 EDTA plasma and matching FFPE tissues (if available) from metastatic Breast cancer patients after they failed an endocrine therapy.
PI: Sekar; Sponsor: DxBiosamples


DxB-020-Pancreatic Cancer:Collection of serum, plasma and urine from patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer 1) prior to Gem/Abx 2) on day 15 of C1 3) on day 28 of C1 4) on day 28 of C2.
PI: Sekar; Sponsor: DxBiosamples


ABI-007-NSCL-005 (ABOUND70+):Safety and Efficacy of nab-Paclitaxel (ABRAXANE) in Combination with Carboplatin as First-Line treatment in Elderly Subjects with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): A Phase IV, Randomized, Open-Label, Multicenter Study; NCT02151149.
PI: Sonnier; Sponsor: Celgene

DxB-056:Collection of K3 EDTA plasma from CRC patients in remission and undergoing CT surveillance.
PI: Sekar; Sponsor: DxBiosamples

Cullichia Clinic - STROKE

BI 1160.189:Randomized, double-blind, evaluation in secondary Stroke Prevention comparing the EfficaCy and safety of the oral Thrombin inhibitor dabigatran etexilate (110 mg or 150mg, oral b.i.d.) versus acetylsalicylic acid (100mg oral q.d.) in patients with Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source (RESPECT ESUS).
PI: Dr. Puente; Sponsor: BI